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Early Infantry Fixed Bail M1 Helmet And Liner.

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My standard early war fixed bail helmet and liner package.
A front seam McCord helmet, reconverted or converted from a WW2 swivel bail helmet. ( Many of my helmets started out as fixed bail, at some point converted onto Swivel Bail helmets )
finished in correct Lustertless olive drab, cork textured with chin straps Bar Tacked .
WW2 early high pressure Liner with plain steel A washers, OD#3 HBT webbing, double wire buckle head band and OD Flat flip or Common chin strap,finished in Lustertless Liner OD .
package comes fully assembled and ready to wear or display.
All components made in the USA to exacting standards.
Helmets are made to order and take between 2-4 weeks.

Insured postage is free to UK Mainland. Choose that option at checkout

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